This Atlanta Integrator Has A Portfolio Full of Dream Jobs

We’ve all dreamed of what it would be like to have the home theater of our dreams, but one company in Atlanta, Georgia is delivering these systems week in and week out.  Scott Ross and his team at Atlanta Home Theater have been in the custom design and installation business for nearly 20 years.  In that time he has amassed an impressive resume of industry awards and an extremely loyal customer base.

AHT theaterScott attributes their success to following a very simple strategy.  Set proper client expectations, and then exceed them whenever possible.  He also maintains an extremely well motivated and well educated installation team. Populating your staff with self starters is extremely important in a business that deals almost exclusively with high end clients.  These clients are extremely demanding.  And with good reason.  They expect nothing but the best from a team that has delivered nothing less for more nearly two decades.

Custom Home Theaters

While there is typically more to a custom integrators work than just theaters, this is the area that gets most of the attention.  Big screens, big speakers, and rumbling subwoofers are the hallmarks of a high performance theater system.  But there’s much more to it than that.  It’s knowing what components work best together and in what setting.

It’s easy to throw a bunch of high end equipment together get decent sound, but using the proper equipment together in a properly designed room is what sets a truly high performance theater apart from the rest.  Some of the brands that Atlanta Home Theater uses include Krell, Wilson Audio, Classe, and Definitive technology.  It’s the knowledge and expertise to design, install, and properly calibrate these high end products that allows AHT to consistently provide a product that exceeds their clients expectations and even their imaginations.

Starting from the very beginning Scott and his team work hand in hand with builders, interior designers, and other trades ensure the project runs as smoothly as possible. Many times this means running to last minute meetings and consultations on-site.  But this all pays off when the finished product delivers both exceptional audio and video performance.

Smart Home Automation Systems

Most home theater integrators also dabble in home automation.  The team at AHT wrote the book on smart homes.  They’ve been installing systems from industry pioneers such as Crestron and Control4 for well over 10 years.  When properly installed and programmed an automation system should make controlling a home a snap.  But when it’s done poorly, it can make things more complicated and prone to glitches.

The team at AHT designs their systems from top to bottom.  They rely heavily upon their own expertise as well as that of the manufacturers whose products they install.  This ensures that the client gets a system that allows them to easily control and monitor their home from both within the house, and from anywhere on the road.  This is often accomplished with devices such as an iPad or an iPhone.

You can see more of what they offer on their services page.

Building a Business on Referrals

One of the most important avenues of driving business in the world of home entertainment is referrals.  When you deliver a product that causes your client to grin from ear to ear, it’s easy to ask them to refer a friend.  And this is one way in which Scott has leveraged AHT’s clients.

He has also formed strong relationships with builders, architects, and interior designers.  They know that they can rely on AHT to deliver a system that will exceed their clients dreams.  It is this network that has allowed AHT to grow into what it is today.  Sure there have been some industry awards.  But it’s the solid work and consistent performance that keeps people coming in the door.  And it doesn’t hurt when you have an amazing portfolio.  Check out the Youtube channel to see some of their work.

You can see more of what Atlanta Home Theater has to offer at their showroom in Roswell, Georgia.  They’ve recently expanded into a beautiful 12,000 square foot space that allows them to show off everything they do.  You can also visit them at their website at