Home Theater Excellence in Los Angeles

In a town like Los Angeles it takes a lot to set yourself apart. High end home theaters are certainly no exception in a town of movie stars. So when we got the opportunity to check out this ultra luxurious theater room done by the well known Audio Video Experts in L.A. (also at http://www.avxhomtech.com) we decided we had better jump on it.

It’s one thing to spend a small fortune on high end components like Meridian processors, speakers, and source equipment. It’s quite another to design a special building just for your home entertainment purposes. But that’s exactly what this one home owner wanted. Now he has a place he can go that’s far away from the hustle and bustle of his home. Not to say that it’s quiet in his private theater. But it is private.
meridian 861v8

On The Equipment Side

This theater system is Meridian components all around. Meridian has been a stalwart in the high end audio business for decades. Their special claim to fame is their digital speakers in which each driver has it’s own separate amplifier. These amps are specially designed for just the frequencies produced by that particular driver. This means that there are no crossovers, and very little loss of electrical energy.

This makes for a very efficient speaker design. And it also makes for one amazing sounding system. While many integrators may choose to go with a different type of speaker for a theater. This particular homeowner wanted a system that sounded amazing for movies, and absolutely perfect for music.meridian dsp8000

This is exactly what he got. The system utilizes 7 DSP8000 speakers for the surround sound system. The 861V8 controls all of the audio processing. And finally the system is capped off by an 810 projector capable of 4k resolutions. As far as equipment goes, this system is tough to beat.

The Room Itself

While the number of people that can spend this kind of money on equipment is pretty small, the number that can drop the cash necessary to build their own theater BUILDING is even smaller. This homeowner wanted a one of kind structure that resembled an old downtown theater. On the outside you would never suspect. But on the inside it is literally a place of wonders.

There’s a snack bar with popcorn maker of course. There’s also video games and other details to complete the theater look. This particular homeowner is a big fan of ice cream, so he’s even got a scoop shop built right in.

But lets get to the important part, the theater itself. The room is a bit bigger than what you might picture for a home theater. It’s sumptuously decorated with theater seating, sofas, and pillows. All of the components are hidden from view, which is a shame for those that love to see the A/V gear.

All of the decor serves an important role in controlling sound waves in the room. It is perfectly balanced from an acoustical perspective. It took a team of audio engineers several weeks of work to incorporate all the features the home owner desired with the sound performance he demanded.  And even thought the building is isolated, the didn’t skimp on soundproofing materials.  The main reason being that the homeowner has an office above the theater.

In the end the project turned out to be a spectacular success. Both movies and music are perfectly represented by this remarkable system.

For more information on Meridain Audio check out their website at http://www.meridian-audio.com

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