Control4 Is This Atlanta Home Automation Integrators Forte

From customized installations at home to high-end system integrators for corporations, Control4 is laced with superlative design and functional features. The products are offered through a series of Atlanta based distributors who excel in handling projects from Audio, Video and Automation control. If you are looking for thoroughly professional service, distributors and installers of Control4 offer just that!

What is Control4?

The idea of homes is changing. They crave for the same smartness that your phone has. Control4 brings in a dazzling package of home automation to simplify things at home. An integration of everyday appliance with super-cool features and functionality make life not only productive but also an enriching experience. From music to climate control, Control4 is the perfect idea of a Smart Home.  Starting with an experienced Control4 home automation expert as your guide is key to a successful project.

It is integrated with the latest set of iOS, iPads, iPhones and Androids. You can control your lighting, music, audio, video surveillance and climate control with a swipe at the screen of your tablet. You not only save the time in operating these appliances manually, but also add enticing dimension to New-Age technology.

Create a sophisticated personalized experience at home and office.

Now, you can focus on things that really matter and spend time with people you love in a ‘Smart’ ambience controlled from your pocket.

How to begin with Control 4?

Always start with living area or a small space so that you can bring out the magic in true form. Once you are done with the small space with Control4, you can magnify the results to other parts of the house for an unforgettable date with technology.

What are the outstanding features of Control 4?

Control4 brings in its package with the Sight with Anywhere Access. You have a virtual presence at your base even when you are shopping, vacationing or simply taking a Spa. From garage doors to window access, every point in the home can be screened from anywhere, anytime!

If you have forgotten to switch off your bathroom lights before leaving, the Control4 will do it for you with a single tap on the screen, no matter where you are.

Welcome to the World of Universal Remote function

Control4 automates everything with integrated scenes and specific set of commands. You can eliminate the need for multiple devices to control different gadgets and functions with a single ‘Universal Remote control.’

The single instruction on the tablet screen can transform the way you see your home or enliven your movie experience in the Home Theater.  If you’re looking for a  Control4 dealer in the Alpharetta area you’ve come to the right place.  Having the system installed from best set of dealers will surely enlighten your house and office with new zealous automation at an affordable rate.