Should You Get Involved In Your Employee’s Health Care?

food pyramid of nutrition

As business owners it’s important to look at everything when trying to improve your bottom line.  Picking the right product mix, employee pay, benefits, and target market are all things that can have a big impact on your bottom line.  One of the biggest areas for improvement is often employee efficiency and happiness.  It turns out the two are very closely related.

Insuring Your Employees Are Healthy

Health care costs can be a significant line item in any business’ budget.  And even though costs since the introduction of the ACA have gone up considerably, health plans have always been somewhat expensive.

Corporate America learned long ago that healthy employees are often happy employees.  There’s also another benefit.  They typically have lower insurance costs.  These are a couple reasons why larger companies started offering gym memberships to their employees.  Prevention is an important part of lowering health care costs overall.

After all, once employees start having issues their costs rarely if ever go down.  And while you can’t force them to go to the gym and workout, you can encourage them to stay as healthy as possible.

Diet and Nutrition Advice

As with exercise you can’t force your employees to eat healthy, but you can at least create an environment with healthy choices.  Some employees choose to have diet and nutrition experts come in to give talks on such things as weight loss, proper nutrition, lowering cholesterol, and avoiding diabetes.

Obviously most of this information can be found on the internet simply by searching.  But there is also a ton of garbage out there in terms of diets as well.  Programs like the military diet are shortcut solutions that have nothing to do with nutrition.  You can look through 3 day military diet reviews and see that most people yo yo up and down and end up heavier than they were to begin with.

Having someone come in house to discuss long-term diet and nutrition solutions is a much better way to go.  Some businesses will even offer their employees an opportunity to work with a nutrition coach.

Other Options

The world of home theater and home automation is a construction intensive profession.  Crews are always on job sites.  While this is good exercise, food choices in this particular industry are generally pretty poor.  Technicians are generally in a hurry, or are rushing from one location to another.

Unfortunately this means fast food is not an unusual choice.  And while it’s convenient, it rarely translates into good health.

For that reason it can be good to help your employees come up with a plan that can improve their health and happiness and at the same time improve your bottom line.