betrothed couple standing on horizon

Is your relationship on the rocks?  It is of course a well known fact that well over 50% of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce.  But what’s not so well known is that it’s actually relatively easy to have a successful marriage if you’re willing to try.

If you’re up at night asking how do I save my marriage, here are 3 tips you should start implementing in your relationship with your spouse today.

Start Listening

Listening is the basis for ANY relationship, but especially between a man and a woman.  We come from different places, we have different needs, and wants.  If you don’t listen to what your spouse is telling you how are you supposed to know what it is they need?  Easy, you won’t.

Start Giving

This one sounds hard at first.  But if you’re in a relationship that has digressed into each of you looking out for yourselves it can be VERY challenging to shift away from this behavior.  It would be very easy to expect the other person to make the first move, but if you really want this to work you’ll most likely need to make the first step.

The nice thing is that giving feels good.  So even though you’re the one having to put forth the effort, you will still feel good about yourself.

A word of warning though.  If you’re in a relationship in which you always give and get nothing back, it’s time for more serious measures.

Take Time Alone

Get a baby sitter, leave the kids at home, and go out somewhere you can talk to each other intimately.  Picture yourself on your first date.  How did you act?  How did your significant other act?  Remembering these feelings will stir emotions and passions in you, and they will see this and recognize it.

Don’t just say to your spouse “I want it to be like our first date.”  Picture it, get into it, and then act it out.  You’ll be amazed at how much they pick up on your energy.

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