When looking for a high end integrator in the Los Angeles area you will find no shortage of talent.  With budgets that would break the bank in other parts of the country, dreams become reality in this city of the stars.  Not only are the wealthy uber wealthy, but they can often have a serious case of keeping up with the Jones’.

So how do you go about finding who is ultimately the best in the LA custom home theater market?  It’s not as easy as you might think?  Much like the best Hollywood bars don’t have signs that advertise their locations, the best home automation companies in Tinseltown don’t typically advertise.  You have to go looking for them.

The best place to start is by talking to someone in the world of high end remodeling and decorating.  Designers often have a favorite company that they work with for projects that involve technologies such as custom audio video, lighting control, and smart home automation systems.

You can also consult the prestigious pages of magazines like Robb Report.  Some of the most expensive systems in the world have been featured in this magazine alongside some of the most expensive cars and houses.

Kicking the Tires

While you’re probably not going to ask for a list of references from a business that comes highly rated it’s still important to see some of their work.  This will help give you ideas about what you might be interested in doing in your own home.  There are widely differing options out there when it comes to home theater installations and home automation systems.  It’s good to see a few for yourself so you understand the possibilities and limitations of such systems.

One of the more popular items in Southern California in recent times is the outdoor theater.  And we’re not talking about your basic pop up screen and speakers in the yard.  These systems often involve a great deal of automation that controls fountains, lights, and other outdoor equipment.   A movie theater under the stars for the stars.  And no expense is spared.

Building a home theater is similar to building the perfect kitchen.  You don’t spend a ton of money on counters, cabinets, and fixtures and then skimp on cheap equipment like knives and sharpeners.

If you’re looking for a home technology integrator to help with your project, do your research.  The right integrator is out there, but sometimes you have to dig to find the best.