For the ultimate home theater experience you can’t beat Meridan. Their digital systems have been the best of the best in the audiophile world for 20 years, but they also excel at surround sound.  The reason for this is simple.  The high responsiveness of the speaker drivers are excellent for reproducing any sort of sound.  Unlike traditional systems, they’re amplifiers are built into the speakers rather than having separate amplification requirements.

Bass from explosions is little different from the bass in music.

The Meridian Digital System

A closer look at Meridian Audio’s high end speakers.  For more information check out this post about home automation and home theater companies in the Los Angeles area.  Here we highlight some of the best businesses in LA.

These sorts of businesses are not unique to Los Angeles either.  On the other side of the coast there are plenty of talented companies.  We’ve also highlighted some of the better integrators in the Tampa FL area.

Budget Accordingly

For those accustomed to paying for the best high prices are rarely surprising.  That said, these speaker systems can easily run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  This is especially true when paired with a smart home system.

While these systems can be operated independently, it’s much easier to integrate them with an all in one home control system.  This allows you to control everything with the press of a single button.  No more remotes laying all over the coffee table.

Clean Power and Backup

And of course once you have a system like this in place you need to protect it accordingly.  Power surges can cause massive damage to high end electronics.  Using a backup generator system in conjunction with a surge protection system can save you thousands of dollars and massive headaches down the road.

Advanced power services can now offer you 24 hour protection from surges, brown outs, and blackouts.  All of these can wreak havoc on an automated home.