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Oklahoma Passes New Criminal Legislation to Reduce Pressure on Jails

For more than 10 years, the state of Oklahoma has had one of the highest overall rates of residents ending up in prison.  A significant number of these people were convicted of non-violent crimes. Oklahoma’s Difficulties with Drug Crime Since the early nineties, the state has had

Should You Get Involved In Your Employee’s Health Care?

As business owners it’s important to look at everything when trying to improve your bottom line.  Picking the right product mix, employee pay, benefits, and target market are all things that can have a big impact on your bottom line.  One of the biggest areas for improvement

Integrating Backup Power with Your Automation System

With every passing month there are more and more systems that integrate with today’s home automation systems.  Everything from audio/video and climate control to lighting and security.  But what happens when the power goes out?  Well now you can integrate your homes backup generator system into your

Choosing the Best Tampa Home Theater Installation Company

The home theater and home automation industry has been booming in recent years due to a resurgent real estate market.  In areas like Tampa, FL, his has led to a proliferation in businesses that service the industry.  But not all of these companies are the same.  Many

Control4 Is This Atlanta Home Automation Integrators Forte

From customized installations at home to high-end system integrators for corporations, Control4 is laced with superlative design and functional features. The products are offered through a series of Atlanta based distributors who excel in handling projects from Audio, Video and Automation control. If you are looking for

Home Automation, Should You Look at Apple’s HomeKit?

Home automation systems have been around for a long time.  As an integrator I first started working with Crestron in 2002.  But they had been doing commercial and residential automation systems long before then.  One of the biggest complaints from those in the tech industry is that

Balancing Technology with Decor

In recent years the amount of technology that goes into high end homes has increased dramatically.  It is not uncommon for some homeowners to have TV’s and other devices in nearly every room of their house.  This has led to a push back from some home owners

Heat Management Can Extend the Life of Your Equipment

One of the biggest concerns when working with high end electronics is properly managing heat.  All electrical components produce heat in some way or another.  Properly managing this heat can significantly extend the life of the equipment.  Many high end systems are installed in equipment racks that

Home Theater Excellence in Los Angeles

In a town like Los Angeles it takes a lot to set yourself apart. High end home theaters are certainly no exception in a town of movie stars. So when we got the opportunity to check out this ultra luxurious theater room done by the well known

This Atlanta Integrator Has A Portfolio Full of Dream Jobs

We’ve all dreamed of what it would be like to have the home theater of our dreams, but one company in Atlanta, Georgia is delivering these systems week in and week out.  Scott Ross and his team at Atlanta Home Theater have been in the custom design