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Play-Fi versus Sonos: What You Need to Know

Sonos has long been the king of the wireless whole house music hill, but Play-Fi enabled devices may actually offer some decent competition to this well-established brand.  One of the biggest things going for Play-Fi is that it uses a lossless transmission, unlike bluetooth which uses significant

Should You Inuslate Your Home Theater?

Acoustics are an area that gets a lot of attention in the world of home theater and with good reason.  A poorly designed room can make an incredible audio system sound terrible.  But is it worth using insulation to dampen the sound coming from your home theater?

The Best Birmingham Home Theater Installation Team

For those in the home theater industry, there is very little that is as satisfying as wining awards for excellence from the top magazines and trade associations. A custom high end theater is often something that can often require hundreds of hours and a great deal