a woman stressing about divorce

I know, it sucks.  But you need to know what to look for…

You Two Are Arguing About EVERYTHING

It’s not a secret that arguing more frequently and about everything under the sun is a bad sign between you and your man.

Now don’t go panicking if you and your spouse bicker a couple times over the course of a week or two.  This happens to everyone.  I mean you’re around each other ALL the time.  But if you find that you can’t even have an adult conversation without sniping to and at each other, you might have some issues.

Neither Of You Looks for a Solution To Your Disagreements

If you or your husband fight and neither of you look for a solution to the problem then you’re losing touch.  If he’s given up it’s usually because he thinks that nothing really get’s better after a fight, so why bother trying to find a solution.

Helplessness is a common feeling in both men and women.  And this can lead to feelings of withdrawal.  You no longer feel like there’s anything you can do to make the situation any better, so you just give up.

The Sex Has Completely Stopped

Ok this is a really easy one.  Guys love sex.  They want it all the time, if they’re feeling attractive and attracted to their mate.  Never mind all the other issues you might have.  A sexless marriage can be the cause of a separation or divorce all on it’s own.  If your husband claims he’s too tired or just goes to bed without any attempt at the physical stuff for long enough, you should be concerned.

Ways to Save Your Marriage

All hope is not lost.  There are plenty of ways to save your marriage.  There are courses, which you can read about here and there are lots of other solutions such as counseling.  You can find a great deal more information here.  http://times247.com/how-to-save-my-marriage/